Le Note di un Profumo

The Notes of a Perfume

The notes of a perfume refer to the different fragrances that make up the perfume itself. They can be divided into three main categories: top notes, heart notes and base notes.

Top notes are the fragrances that are felt immediately after spraying the perfume. They are fresh and light fragrances that evaporate quickly and last about 15-30 minutes. The top notes often consist of citrus fruits, such as lemon, orange and bergamot.

Heart notes are the fragrances that emerge after the top notes have evaporated. These notes form the heart of the perfume and last approximately 2-3 hours. Heart notes can be more floral or spicy, such as jasmine, rosemary or cinnamon.

The base notes are the fragrances that are perceived when the heart notes have completely dissipated. These notes last 4 to 6 hours and form the basis of the perfume. The base notes often consist of woods and musks, such as sandalwood, patchouli or vetiver.

The combination of these three types of notes determines the final perfume that the wearer perceives. The duration of the different notes and their balance are important for creating a harmonious and pleasant perfume.

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